MullenLowe Philippines Celebrates National Belated Mother’s Day Posted on

MANILA – Many families are fortunate to celebrate Mother’s Day every second Sunday of May, but there are other families whose mothers have to forego this special day to work.  These moms are often in the service industry: they’re the waitresses, security guards, spa attendants, sales ladies, shopkeepers, and others who made sure moms like them were looked after.
Alaska, a brand with a heritage of supporting hard-working, enterprising mothers, decided to honor these unsung heroes by creating National Belated Mother’s Day (NBMD) – the day after Mother’s Day. A second chance for families to pay tribute to their moms, this inaugural year finds National Belated Mother’s Day falling on May 15, 2017.
The brand released a simple online film through MullenLowe Philippines (part of hyperbundled MullenLowe Group) showing a day in the life of a spa attendant who has to work on Mother’s Day and gets through it with gentle humor and grace. She comes home way past midnight, to discover that her daughter has waited up and prepared a simple dish to show her love.
The film also comes with links to simple delicious Alaska recipes that families can make for their mothers on National Belated Mother’s Day, with humorous names like Pambawi (Making Up For It) Milk Bread, Belated Banana Shake, Pahabol (Better Late Than Never) Braised Pork, and May Time Pa (There’s Still Time for) Macaroni.
To help families celebrate this unique day, special bundle packs of Alaska Evaporated Milk and Sweetened Condensed Milk will also come with a charming National Belated Mother’s Day card for free.

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