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ExchangeWire have invited hundreds of thought leaders to share their thoughts on what next year will hold, across a range of topics. By now, if you haven’t heard the term ‘DTC’ at every corner, you should probably try to work out why. Whether challenger brands, DNVBs (digitally native vertical brands), or heritage brands looking to diversify, ‘Direct-to-consumer’ will be one of the biggest trends to look out for in 2019, and our industry experts are certainly bullish on its prospects.

Those owning ‘mass personalisation’ are winning

“The traditional means of meeting demand with supply have dramatically changed, as technology has transformed the dependence of the ‘middle man’ to provide platforms and presence to product makers. This has created a more transparent and purer marketplace, where brands can challenge long established players, through meeting the needs and desires of the consumers, as opposed to those in between.

“This clearer landscape has made the challenger brand more powerful, as bigger brands struggle to remove their own, once advantageous, protection barriers, in order to be agile, and as ‘mass personalised’ as the modern consumer expects. Brands like Monzo, Uber, Deliveroo, Netflix, and Amazon are all operating in this new world with a greater understanding of the consumer, and a willingness to tailor their product based on that data, and as a result, they are the beneficiaries.”

Dino Myers-Lamptey, Managing Director, MullenLowe Mediahub

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