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Despite the boom in business, Domino’s was facing the challenge of coming up with an innovative, new product. Domino’s needed not just a new pizza, but a fantastic product that would work wonders across the range as part of their permanent menu offering – something that would generate not just sales, but buzz about the brand.

On top of that, the challenge posed then was to introduce a product into an established category, with minimal spend but with an idea that maximized product superiority and taste appeal. But how would they introduce a new cheese crust pizza into a market whereby cheese crust pizza is a popular innovation already ‘owned’ by the competitor?

Cheese Tarik Campaign roll-out
MullenLowe Malaysia approached the strategy by simply “stretching the truth” – therefore they decided to prove to Malaysians that a tastier cheese experience can actually be seen! The campaign’s idea was to get consumers to ‘taste with their eyes’ and see how far a great tasting cheese can be ‘tarik’. Following that, a social media challenge the #CheeseTarik challenge was executed to get a buzz going!

The challenge basically got consumers to show off how long they can ‘tarik’ the new Domino’s Cheese Tarik Crust to get them sample pizza for themselves. Not only did they get to see, touch, taste and ‘tarik’ the new Domino’s Cheese Tarik Crust, they also helped spread the word to their friends thanks to the power of social media.


The Cheese Tarik campaign proved to be a massive hit! A massive 260% engagement increase, 45.3% in ad recall, 25.7% life in product interest and 31.2% life in brand interest was observed. The campaign resulted in Domino’s running out of product and a 95% increase in delivery sign-ups during the campaign period. Sales value during the same period also increased by 336%!

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