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Bajaj Avenger in its new campaign conceived by Mullen Lintas Mumbai draws a parallel with a music band that seeks to overcome their creative block by uniting with the environment around them.

People mostly listen to music to liberate themselves from the shackles of the daily rut, to release themselves from the constraints that surround them. It helps them feel alive and real, and acts as a great stress-buster. It is this same spirit of liberation that unites Bajaj Avenger and music. Riders have acknowledged the fact that akin to listening to good music, getting on the saddle gets them over blockades in life.

Narayan Sundararaman, Vice President (Marketing)- Motorcycles, Bajaj Auto Ltd. said “FLG Rides has been an ongoing riding property for brand Avenger. It had so far been about riding to iconic destinations for a liberating experience with real moments of camaraderie. Our interactions with the riders during FLG rides have consistently revealed their love for soulful and easy-going music. Taking it forward, we thought of doing a unique partnership where we collaborated with a music band for the property with a song created especially for it.”

The long-format campaign film features Easy Wanderlings, a music band, and their journey of creating music.

Garima Khandelwal and Azazul Haque, Chief Creative Officers, Mullen Lintas said “FLG rides is a complete and true brand experience, the idea of collaborating with a band for a content piece that is a music video for a track especially composed for it; and try to explore the core ideology from the lens of a creative block. The band – Easy Wanderling’s soulful vibe fits with core of an Avenger. The creative idea came about how when a band rode in search of music, they “saw” it everywhere. The sync they were missing, they found in the moments spent together on the ride. The ride is hence symbolic for so many experiences that is a truly soulful.

Client: Narayan Sundararaman, Shardul Majumdar, Suraj Nair
Creative: Azazul Haque, Garima Khandelwal, S Prasad Venkatraman, Abhilash Mudayat, Madhurenu Datta, Aakash Pandya
Account Management: Priya Balan, Zeeshan Patel, Bhavi Gala
Planning: Ekta Relan
Production House: Chalk & Cheese (Director: Misha Ghose)

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