Consumers Want More Brands In Esports Posted on | Adweek

While brands are spending the least amount of money on targeting esports channels ($1.5 billion compared with $59.4 billion and $15.7 billion dumped into TV and streaming marketing spend, respectively), more consumers are flocking there. And, unsurprisingly, a vast majority of these gaming consumers are Gen Z and millennials.

Over a span of 12 months, Mediahub surveyed 4,500 Americans between 13 and 65 about gaming and esports using a proprietary tool that shows insights on how consumers spend their time and money. The survey showed that brands aren’t taking the trend as seriously as they should, and consumers are noticing. Seventy-two percent want to see brands in esports if they can keep up with the conversation and know what’s going on in the gaming space.

Over half of those surveyed said they like seeing brands put money into the esports category to help it grow, and 42% said video-game-related ads are the best spot for brands to show up in these conversations.

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