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Ocean Outdoor has revealed the winners for their Crucial Creative Competition and we’re pleased to share MullenLowe London received a special prize for their ‘We Are The NHS: Live’ idea for NHS England, a 24-hour event which celebrates the work of the NHS to encourage more young people to choose a career with the health service. MullenLowe London will receive £250,000 of media space to bring this campaign to life.

“The aim of Ocean’s Creative Competition was to help rally advertisers, agencies and communities as Covid-19 begins to ease,” Phil Hall, Ocean joint managing director, said. “It was an opportunity for brands and creative minds to create great work that was relevant and positive to help businesses overcome great uncertainty and people to emerge from lockdown with a greater sense of confidence.

Additional prize
NHS England ‘We are the NHS: Live’ by MullenLowe London

As this campaign shows, the NHS is so much more than treating Covid-19. The idea is to inspire young people to consider a career in the NHS by celebrating extraordinary work with a big “thank you”.

For the first time on digital out-of-home screens, the NHS opens its doors for a 24-hour-only event showcasing in real time the amazing, inspiring work of staff every day of the year.

This broadcast will provide a live glimpse into what happens on wards, in GP surgeries and in people’s homes. Fractures being fixed. Wounds being dressed. Patients being comforted. Chemotherapy appointments. Caesareans. Emergency admissions. Nearly 500 breakfasts being prepared by catering staff – and more.

The event will be geo-located using Ocean displays that are close to schools, colleges and universities – all natural recruiting grounds.

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