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Burger King wants to give you a free Impossible Whopper

At the end of this week, millions of Americans will pack up and head to the airport in the hopes of getting on a flight that leaves on time, in order to spend time with family and friends over the holidays. But airports at this time of year tend to become a chamber of horrors, teeming with parka-clad masses waiting for flights that are often delayed—or worse, canceled. There’s a reason holiday airports have been key scenes in two Home Alone and two Die Hard movies.

But now Burger King and MullenLowe U.S. are hoping to ease some of this inevitable air travel anxiety and flight frustration, by giving out free Impossible Whoppers to anyone with a delayed flight.

Starting December 18 and running through December 30, travelers at any U.S. airport can download the BK app and enter their delayed flight information on the “Delay Your Way” screen to get a coupon for a free Impossible Whopper, redeemable at any participating Burger King restaurant in the country.

Sure, a plant-based burger isn’t going to quell all your flight-delay rage, but odds are that people with stomachs full of free food are less likely to go completely batsh*t on airline counter staff.

Marketers tend to avoid our tougher moments, for fear of somehow being negatively associated with the emotions surrounding that moment. But here, Burger King is harnessing that negative power as an opportunity to plug its app and get you to use it.

And why wouldn’t you? You’ve got the time to kill.

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