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The new ad campaign promotes its separate mobile stock trading apps for investors and traders as their needs and mindsets are different. The TVC made by Mullen Lintas tries to define these different viewpoints

Motilal Oswal Securities has come out with a new ad campaign to promote its mobile stock trading apps – one for investors and one for traders.

The investor app provides a long-term/fundamental view of investing in the market while the trader app has a short-term/technical view about markets as their needs and mindsets are different. The TVC made by Mullen Lintas tries to define these different mindsets and present a separate app for each.

Speaking on the ad, Ramnik Chhabra (Head Marketing, MOFSL), said, “Investing and trading in terms of mindset and styles is as different as Test Cricket and 20-20. One is slow and steady and the other is dhan dhan dhan. Each requires a different approach and skills. Our two separate mobile trading applications provide separate tools and information customised for an investor or a trader and that’s what the campaign tries to highlight.”

Providing his perspective on the idea for the campaign, Ayyappan Raj, Executive Vice-President, Mullen Lintas, said, “The fundamental approach that we have on Motilal Oswal is to find interesting human observations and deliver the product, service metaphor through that. That’s what we did with the last campaign ‘when you focus on one thing, you master it’ for the 30 years equity story – by showcasing people and how they’re the best at what they do. So, this time when we had to communicate that Motilal Oswal has two different apps for two different consumer groups (the traders and the investors), we have tried telling this by showing two different types of people with their interesting, differentiated personalities and thereby introducing the apps for all their needs. We’re quite happy with the way it’s turned out.”

The campaign will be on stock market /business specific TV channels and on digital and social media.

The TVC:

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