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The KIA SPORTAGE is a different kind of car. The person who owns it is not your average person… he is different, unique, and not afraid to be himself. And with that an idea was born. Different is Good.

In Pakistan most  car commercials are purely functional, with the car as the hero but MullenLowe Rauf changed the landscape: and celebrated both car and driver!

They spoke about the art of being different. Be it as a father willing to be his daughter’s make-up practice mannequin, or a road-tripper imparting positive values of giving back, the unabashedly softer side of a man within an inherently patriarchal environment.

It was the first time where an emotional route for a car ad actually showed everything the car stood for. Being different. It was risky. But it paid off… sparking new conversations and quickly becoming the most viewed ad on YouTube! Being different is not easy, but it’s a fun ride.

As Creative Director for the KIA account at MullenLowe Rauf, Kayzad Giara put it: To drive the future of KIA Sportage in Pakistan, it was time to put the pedal to the metal without looking at the rear view mirror!”

Agency: MullenLowe Rauf
Creative Consultant, MullenLowe Rauf: Kiran Murad
Creative Director: Kayzad Giara
Group Account Director: Faisal Hidayatallah