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Mediahub's latest campaign for Dropbox in partnership with restaurant finder and review site, The Infatuation, helps remote workers prioritize and upgrade their lunch breaks with a weeklong delivery program.

The pandemic has made working from home the new norm for millions of Americans, drastically blurring the lines between work and leisure.

The National Bureau of Economic Research in August reported that the average workday has extended by 48.5 minutes per day from pre-pandemic times, with 2020 remote work culture providing less time for mental health breaks. This includes the midday lunch.

To help remote workers prioritize and upgrade their lunch breaks, Dropbox and restaurant finder and review site The Infatuation have created The Lunch Dropbox, a weeklong delivery program with the goal of reclaiming personal time and inspiring better work.

Today through Nov. 20, workers in San Francisco, New York and Chicago can order specific menu items via a custom microsite from three local restaurants: Greek eatery Soulva in San Francisco, pasta joint Daisies in Chicago and Maylasian fast-casual spot Kopitiam in New York.

The program is purposely highlighting meals with unique ingredients that a majority of workers wouldn’t think to (or have time to) make as their standard weekday lunch.

“This year has been incredibly challenging for many small businesses, so we’ve focused all of our 2020 campaign efforts on supporting these businesses and their teams,” said Dani Hussey, senior manager of brand marketing at Dropbox, in a statement. “Through this campaign, we are excited to support and highlight local eateries, as well as encourage workers to take time out for themselves, breaking up the mundane and sparking delight throughout the day.”

Each restaurant will have 300 lunches packed in branded, reusable tin lunchboxes available to purchase throughout the week. Employees can also enter to win lunch for themselves and 10 coworkers, courtesy of Dropbox and the local restaurant.

The lunchboxes also come with additional tips on how to spend lunch breaks to improve afternoon brain function and, for company leaders, how to create those moments for a team. Examples include creating a daily lunchtime routine without screens and taking advantage of outdoor space.

Agency Mediahub developed the idea for the program, which includes a paid media campaign with branded content, social integrations and newsletter promotions across The Infatuation’s properties.

“Connecting an essential small business tool like Dropbox with The Infatuation was the perfect media partnership to remind us of the importance of taking time out for ourselves, just like we used to do,” said Jamie Dorfman, svp and group media director at Mediahub, in a statement. “This program speaks to what good media planning is always meant to do: provide something helpful that reaches the customer at the moment they need it most.”

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