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Fastrack has launched a campaign by Lowe Lintas’ Bengaluru for its Loopholes watch collection aimed at younger consumers looking for a way out –of whatever.

The characters in the stories are seen getting their way by literally using the perforations as Loopholes to their advantage and make a quick getaway. There are three films that amplify this idea.

Might be interesting to roll this out in the US market in late March, what with it being tax season there and the search fo loopholes is in full swing.

“Sometimes, the product itself can lead to an idea. In this case, it was the perforated design pattern of the watches,” pointed out Shiv Parameswaran, Executive Creative Director – Lowe Lintas Bangalore. “The typography we created for “Loopholes” also became the escape route for all our characters. After all, every situation has a loophole. You can get away if you spot them.”

“The Loopholes collection is inspired by perforations on sports apparels blended with the unique Fastrack design language,” added Ayushman Chiranewala, Head of Marketing – Fastrack. “It’s made for the youth who is always on the move. The campaign highlights the ‘holes/ perforations’ on the watches and adds a quirky and fashion-forward touch which depicts how the consumer is on the lookout to get out of sticky situations by finding out loopholes. The collection has 36 Watches sporting various functions like day date feature and multifunction feature, split equally between guys and girls.”

“When Fastrack showed us their new range of perforated watches, we saw the quirk right there. Every perforation is a loophole and every loophole, an opportunity,” said Hari Krishnan, President (South) – Lowe Lintas.


Creatives: Rajesh Ramaswamy, Shiv Parameswaran, Arjun Kumar, Shreya Trivedi, Ishita Misra
Account Management and Planning: Hari Krishnan, Sudhir Rajasekharan, John Varghese, Pooja Selvaraj, Viditi Sharma
Production House: Twism (Director- Prasad Naik)
Client Team: Ayushman Chiranewala, Pooja Sharma, Alok Kamath, Suparna Mitra

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