Gemini Sunflower Oil Launches New Campaign Posted on | ET Brand Equity

Gemini Sunflower Oil, the flagship brand of Cargill’s oils business in India and Maharashtra’s leading cooking oil, has unveiled its new campaign.

According to the company, the campaign showcases the brand’s Nutri FreshLock Technology proposition, it refers to the multi-stage refining process with real time monitoring and oxygen barrier properties of the packing material which prevents oxidation of the oil. Hence, the food cooked in Gemini Refined Sunflower Oil retains its nutrients and freshness for a long time, the company said.

Subin Sivan, marketing head, Cargill’s oils business in India said, “the ‘Waqt Kuch Apna Banane Ka’ highlights our unique proposition of Nutri FreshLock that applauds the individualism of woman today and helps her achieve all that she wants with that extra time. Our continuous effort to keep pace with the changing consumer needs of balancing tradition and progress has made the brand the no. 1 choice of our consumers with 26 % market share in Maharashtra in sunflower oil category.”

The narrative of the campaign pivots around communicating this unique proposition using a homemaker as the protagonist. Mixing her passion for singing with her expertise in cooking, she starts recording cooking videos while humming to a famous tune on her YouTube channel titled ‘Sonia The Singing Chef’.

Janmenjoy Mohanty, regional creative officer at Lowe Lintas said, “with the ‘Waqt Kuch Apna Banane Ka’ campaign, the idea found a sweet-spot between heritage and new-age. It was in the ‘time’ for the consumer’s own individuality. Gemini celebrates this aspiration for all consumers, the ones who’ve known it for years, and the younger ones just entering its fold.”

The company added that as per the analysis conducted by a NABL accredited lab, the food cooked in Gemini oil retains its nutrient for a period of at least 8 hours and as per sensory evaluation conducted by trained sensory panellist, the food cooked in Gemini does not lose its aroma, taste, flavour, mouthfeel, and overall appeal for a period of 8 hours and thus remaining fresh.

This article was originally published on ET Brand Equity