Introducing ‘Coral Greef’ Posted on

The situation is drastic, let’s clean up the plastic!

Our oceans and the wildlife within them, including the beloved octopus, are drowning in plastic pollution.

In honour of this year’s World Octopus Day, MullenLowe Group has created an arcade game to raise awareness of this important issue.

In a race against the clock, players can put their challenger mentality to the test to remove as much plastic as they can from the sea.

For every high score that’s shared, MullenLowe Group will donate US$5 to Plastic Oceans International so players can make a real contribution to saving our oceans.

‘Coral Greef’ will be online from 8th October.

How to play:

  • Visit
  • Help our Octopus and Sandy the crab remove as much plastic from the ocean by using the on-screen buttons or arrows on your keyboard. Drop a rescue bubble with your spacebar to break up the mounds of plastic for maximum clean-up.
  • Record your hi-score and share it with your friends using the social media icons at the end of the game.
  • See here for full T&Cs