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MullenLowe Lintas Group creates It’s All In Your Hand campaign for Fastrack’s latest introduction “Reflex Wav”

he need of hour for the youth is to be in control constantly in their lives. This band uses a simple gesture of twisting your wrist to bring alive the thought of – Its all in your hand.  The film uses horror, the flavour of the season to bring out a very cutting-edge technology in light and Fastrack manner.

The film is set in an eerie campsite by the lake. The key protagonist, the girl, uses an Ouija board to call a spirit. The group of friends around are very skeptical initially on the presence of a spirit around. She seamlessly uses the gesture of twisting her wrist to change the music on her phone placed on a dock. The constant switching of songs adds to the eeriness of the surrounding. It makes the group of friends, especially the male protagonist believe the presence of something supernatural around and he instantly reaches for the girl for comfort. She smartly uses the gesture feature of Reflex Wav to prank her friends and is very successful at the end of it.

The commercial cleverly brings out the gesture control feature of the new Fastrack Reflex Wav in a funny and light manner.

Business objective:

Bring alive the latest technology of using gestures to control your music, click pictures and reject calls

Add to the brands tech credentials by promoting the world’s slimmest smart band with a gesture control

Create awareness about the latest product in Fastrack’s smart band line up – The Reflex Wav

Suparna Mitra
Suparna Mitra, Chief Marketing Officer, Titan Watches & Accessories, Titan Company Limited: “Fastrack has consistently endeavored to meet the ever-changing needs of the youth with offerings that aim to fulfill their growing aspirations. All across the globe, youth today want to enrich their lives with meaningful experiences, be it their choice of music, taking selfies or owning the latest tech gadgets. Reflex Wav gives them a first in the world experience with a gesture control technology. This feature helps one change music and take pictures with a simple twist of the wrist. The ad introduces this product feature in a very relatable and youthful camping set-up.

Ayushman Chiranewala, Marketing Head, Fastrack, Titan Company Limited: “The youth today rely on technology for even the smallest tasks. We constantly look at upgrading our smart bands to simplify lives. Today, being able to track your sleep, activity tracking, etc, have become must-haves in all smart bands. Hence, our latest offering needed a differentiator that adds value to their lives. The Reflex Wav, uses cutting edge technology to control music, camera etc with a simple gesture of twisting the wrist. The film brings this feature alive in a very light, humorous and Fastrack manner.

Arun Iyer, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer: “The truth is, today’s youth likes to take control of the situation. This feature lends wonderfully to that behavior trait. You can control most aspects of your life with this band. There’s also a certain magic quality to this feature. We decided to portray that through the genre of horror-comedy, which happens to be the flavor of this year.”

Hari Krishnan, President: Reflex Wav is a first of its kind product from Fastrack. The challenge was to bring alive the technology in a Fastrack way. For today’s youth, a mere swipe of the finger can lead to interesting outcomes. In its own inimitable way, Fastrack tells the youth that a mere twist of the wrist can lead to exciting twists in life.


Created by: Mullen Lowe Lintas Group
National Creative Director: Arun Iyer
Executive Creative Director: Shiv Parmeswaran
Senior Creative Director: Arjun Kumar
Senior Vice President and Head of Advertising – South: Hari Krishnan
Account Management: Sudhir Rajasekharan, Bhupender Agarwal, Viditi Sharma
Planning: PadmaPriya, Danya Raj
Agency Producer: RDP Productions

PR Agency: AdfactorsPR


Production House: RDP Productions
Director: Abinay Deo
Executive Producer: Apurba Sengupta
Producer: Daya Dayasuryavanshi
Director of Photography: Siddarth Diwan
Music: Subhajit Mukherjee
Cast: Himika Bose, Ashish Bisht
Post Production Head: Rahul Jethani

This article was originally published on TV News 4 U