Latest Work For TK Maxx From 303 MullenLowe Posted on | Campaign Brief

We Love Jam Studios has led the music and sound exploration of TK Maxx’s 2018 “brand sound flavour”; bubbly, eccentric and fun.

In collaboration with the agency, 303 MullenLowe, and TK Maxx client, We Love Jam directed the music composition, sound design and voice over ‘as one’. This whole encompassing approach allowed the team to create the new effervescent, unique sound flavour that is the TK Maxx Australia brand.

Says Hylton Mowday, composer, We Love Jam Studios: “The ‘retro-chic’ track is a tip of the hat to Beatnik music of yesteryear, as well as the fun and whimsical Australia of today.”

The music is written in the unconventional 5/4 Meter as made famous by Dave Brubeck Quartet’s famous “Take 5”, however the instrumentation is more “Henry Mancini”.

The We Love Jam team used a robin-bird to tie in with the European “pretty” soundscape to support the pretty, bright colours and playfulness of the ad.  After toying with different accents, the voice over read was directed as ‘refined’ as opposed to ‘broad Australian’, which perfectly fits with the campaign’s sense of European Australiana.  Combined with the whimsical music track, this upbeat sound flavour strongly highlights the TK Maxx brand with their own niche voice in the retail industry.

First cab off the rank is Treehouse, with more campaign spots to follow in the coming months.

This article was originally published on Campaign Brief