Lowe Roche and Lowe SSP3 Win Bronze and Silver at IPA Effectiveness Awards Posted on

Lowe SSP3 and Lowe Roche won a Silver and Bronze Award respectively at the IPA Effectiveness Awards in London, October 2014.

The IPA Effectiveness Awards are recognized as the most rigorous effectiveness awards scheme in the world, as winning cases have to show the value of investment in concrete business terms.

Lowe SSP3 in Colombia won a Silver for their work for the Colombian Ministry of Defense encouraging FARC guerrillas to demobilize and return home. Three campaigns were created, ‘Operation Christmas’ (2010), ‘Operation Rivers of Light’ (2011) and ‘Operation Bethlehem’ (2013), using insights from ex-FARC members to establish and target the guerrillas emotionally whilst also engaging with the jungle environment.

Lowe Roche in Canada collected a Bronze with the “Make Health Last” campaign for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. The campaign was developed to address waning public perception of the urgency surrounding heart disease and strokes. The provocative multi-channel campaign informed Canadians that on average, they will spend their final decade in sickness, and encouraged them to act now to ensure their last 10 years of life would be lived in health.

Congratulations to both Lowe Roche and Lowe SSP3 on two well-deserved wins!