Meet The Bandi-ncard Family Posted on

MullenLowe Romania & AXI Finance present The Bandi-ncard Family, the humorous happy story of a regular Romanian family.

Between the consumers and product, the connection must be as tight as… love and marriage. This is what MullenLowe Romania and AXI Finance fully developed in the recently-launched communication campaign for the brand, after a creative pitch won by the agency. The NBFI market (non-banking financial institutions) is as crowded as it is unidirectional, from the communication point of view, focusing mainly on the loan’s speed of approval. But inside the house of a regular Romanian family.. what actually goes on?

Meet the Bandi-ncard family (roughly pronounced “Bundyn-Card”). A couple like any other in Romania, married… with children. The agency decided to create this concept in its own style. Seeing as month by month they have to make the household’s financial ends meet, they do have a trustworthy helper: AXI Card. It almost sounds like some random American sitcom from the 90s, right? One whose soundtrack even the famous Sinatra would be proud to sing, right? Watch the story of the ultra-Romanian Bandi-Ncard family below!