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How to overcome a creative crisis of confidence in the midst of Coronavirus

Progression, promotion, project speed and scale; in the midst of a global pandemic the familiar refrain from the creative industry is a sense of an individual lack of momentum.

We’ve already looked at ways to stay productive. Yet another story is also emerging; a crisis of confidence that comes amid a marketplace in which so many aspects of working life are outside the control of any one individual.

Then there are those across the industry who have had their job put on pause, furloughed, because of the crisis. For people whose status is strongly aligned to their job title, it is a significant challenge.

As the creative industries make tentative steps out of lockdown the conversation surrounding individual wellbeing is gathering pace; nonetheless because the consumers that brands are seeking to connect with are grappling with the same anxieties. The mental gymnastics required to thrive during this crisis are a significant challenge. Both for those who have lost people they love, spent extended time alone, or on the flip side had to devote so much time and energy to navigating the needs of others.

When you add in the pressures of the drive for self-improvement in lockdown it is easy to see why self-confidence is on the wane.

With this in mind as the industry looks to rebuild, we asked a selection of industry experts to share how best to overcome a pandemic induced crisis of confidence.

Charlotte Khushi, Senior Art Director, MullenLowe London

Re-briefs, budget cuts, shortened timelines; being in the creative industry you’re used to riding the rollercoaster of emotions that come along with most projects. But in these “unprecedented times” it’s normal to feel shaken up by all of the twists and turns that coronavirus has brought us.

As creative people, we’re built to think on our feet and create something in a crisis, however, coronavirus might not be your big career break and there is no shame in that.

Many have had projects pulled and lost their jobs but it’s important to remember not to take a global pandemic personally; it’s not a reflection of what you’re capable of. Take the pressure off and take stock of what’s actually in your control; change the things you can change rather than being consumed by the things you can’t.

Lockdown has meant staring at the same four walls for months, leaving many starved of the human connections and experiences that so often influence or even validate our work. For others, the pandemic has impacted their personal life so much that it’s stripped them away from their job entirely. Ultimately leaving a lot of people feeling stuck.

However, just because you’re not in an office or experiencing life as you used too, it doesn’t mean you’re void of value. Bad experiences shape us just as much as the good ones, so keep looking forward and adapting.

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