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A collective of artists developed ‘Pleasure Tales’ with Magnum and LOLA MullenLowe to take the stage at the world’s preeminent celebration of Japanese cinema.

Magnum ice cream has created an anime film series to be shown at the 25th edition of the Japanese Film Festival.

Pleasure Tales by Magnum is an ongoing anthology of animated short films connected by one common thread: the pursuit of true pleasure. Created by Powerhouse Animation, the two stories are an ode to unique moments of human pleasure. The stories aim to act as a reminder that the search for pleasure is uniquely human and, just as all humans are different, so is all pleasure.

The two stories comprise of Butterfly, which tells the tale of an older man grappling with persistent gloom and the monotony of his routine, and Konnichiwa, which takes place in the not so distant future, where a young woman escapes a bustling city and meets a strange young man.

Each of the films contain Easter eggs subtly integrated into each story referencing the iconic Magnum silhouette.

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