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LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona encourages people to find the best way to show tenderness through TOUS jewellery

For almost 100 years TOUS has been an ambassador for tenderness, encouraging people to find their own way to express their feelings. In their latest campaign Stay Tender, the brand shifts away from preconceived notions and invites us to express tenderness however we feel it.

Emma Roberts stars as the heart and soul of TOUS, bringing a modern, smart and relatable image that is intrinsic to the brand values. The film is directed by Diana Kunst who has an impressive reel of work featuring big names like A$AP Rocky, FKA Twigs and Rosalía. Her signature style uses body language, and self-expression to create unique atmospheres that are effortlessly cool.

With this campaign, TOUS calls on people everywhere to express their tender feelings without worrying about how, where or with whom. For the production, the agency chose not to use actors. The casting was carefully curated with real people sharing their authentic tenderness. Their stories will be featured in the online campaign.

Rosa Tous, vice president of TOUS says: “TOUS has always been a brand closely linked to the creativity of emerging talent, something that we want to claim with this spot and with the presentation as a new global image of a figure of international projection like Emma Roberts. At TOUS we believe that the world would be a better place if we all expressed our feelings without fear of being judged. For this reason, with this campaign we want to encourage people to find the best way to show tenderness through jewellery.”

Nestor Garcia and Nacho Oñate, executive creative directors at LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona explain the new positioning. “Today we are much more aware of our feelings and the internet is the perfect tool to show them. Each one of us can express ourselves freely without adapting ourselves to any specific mold. The same thing is happening with tenderness, this feeling has always been perceived as something cheesy and pink and obvious, which may be ok for many people but we realized that for others it can also be brave or bold or masculine or crazy. There are many ways to feel and express tenderness and all of them are equally valid. That is what TOUS is saying with Stay Tender. It doesn’t matter how you feel and how you express tenderness, it’s important is to keep doing it.”

The film features a modern version of the timeless classic “Love Me Tender.” The song has been covered by artists from Jim Morrison to Andrea Bocelli to Willie Nelson and Thalía making it a diverse soundtrack to many of life’s most tender moments. Stay Tender airs in April on television, cinema, press and social media in over 50 countries.

Advertiser: TOUS
Client Team: Anaïs Durand, Montse Jiménez

Agency:: LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona
Copywriter: Carolina Pinheiro
Art Director: Marcelo Monzillo
Executive Creative Directors: Néstor García, Nacho Oñate
Chief Creative Officer: Chacho Puebla (MullenLowe Group Western Europe)
Creative Supervisor: Saray González
Business Director: Gonzaga Ayllón (Global Business)
Agency Producer: Carmen Caravaca, Daniel Camino
Global Account Director: Irene Mosquera
Project Manager: Júlia Serrano
Junior Art Directors: Arantxa Gil, Elena Sánchez|
Head of Planning: Gem Romero
CEO: Amaya Coronado

Media Agency: UM Media

Production Company: O Estudio Creativo
Director: Diana Kunst

Post Production Company: McNulty

Composer: Elsa de Alfonso and Ekhi Lopetegui

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