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AB InBev’s Aguila Beer, Colombia’s leading beer brand, has launched ‘The Beer Cap Project’, in partnership with some of the world’s most recognized brands to promote responsible drinking.

Aguila Beer removed the logo from their caps and gave them to food, water and transport brands including UberEats, KFC, Papa Johns, the Hard Rock Café, Uber and Cabify so people could exchange the caps for free food, water or rides home.

The campaign launched in Colombia and now Aguila Beer is taking the movement global. Billboards have popped up in various locations around the world asking brands such as Heineken, Miller, Asahi, Guinness and Pilsener to yield their caps to non-alcoholic partners to help consumers drink responsibly.

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CEO: Francisco Samper
Chief Strategy Officer: Carolina Mejía
Chief Operations Officer: Juan Pablo García
Chief Creative Officer: Carlos Andrés Rodríguez
Creative Directors: Juan David Pardo and Diego Alejandro Muñoz
Art Directors: Julián Olivares, Laura Arcila, Diego López, Juan Camilo Contreras, Juan David Monroy
Copywriters: Melissa Reyes and Daniela Kopp
Business Director: José Manuel Hoyos
Account Executives: Jennifer Boshell, Sebastián Salazar Silva and Sebastián Castillo
Earned Media Specialist: Daniela Rodríguez
Planner: Manuela Roa

Media Account Director: Andrés Camilo Alvarado
Planner Senior: Jenny Gómez

CEO: Andrés Ortiz
Vicepresident: Camila Gómez
PR Marketing Director: Gabriela Sarmiento
PR Marketing Analist: María José Correal

Aguila Beer
Brand Manager Director: Miguel Merino
Brand Manager: Ana María Ordoñez
Project Manager Lead: Sara Donado
Project Manager, Digital Products: Santiago Osorio
Back End Developer Specialist: Freddy Benavides
Web Developer: Sergio Bernal

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