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LBB speaks to MullenLowe SSP3, Ponce Buenos Aires and MullenLowe Brasil, LATAM finalists of the Immortal Awards to find out why they believe their work deserves to be considered truly Immortal. 

Latin America was the region that set the tone for the Immortal Awards 2020. The first regional heat saw the judges ruthlessly whittle 96 entries to seven finalists. This was a jury that wanted to put forward the best of the best to make sure that the region truly shone when it came to final judging. And it’s a pattern that ended up being replicated across the regions – with no obligation to fulfill a quota – or restrict themselves to a quota – the team landed on seven sparkling pieces.

As excitement builds for Friday’s final round of judging, we’ve spoken to the finalists to find out why they believe their work deserves to be considered truly Immortal.

Aguila – The Beer Cap Project – MullenLowe SSP3

“There are two main reasons we think The Beer Cap Project is an extraordinary solution for the binge drinking problem. First of all, we love the simplicity of the idea: it puts the product in the centre as an enabler of the change of behaviour. Not many ideas do that. Second of all, the scalability of the idea: every single beer brand in the world has bottlecaps on their products, so every single one of them can be part of the solution. Even though we needed some allies to make this a reality, we think the BCP is a solution that can solve a problem for the whole global alcohol industry”. Carlos Andrés Rodríguez, chief creative officer, MullenLowe SSP3, and Miguel Merino, marketing director for Aguila, ABInBev

Navarro Correas – Sparkling – Ponce Buenos Aires

“Sparkling wines are always around when there’s something to celebrate. Pop! So when in 2019 Navarro Correas became the official sponsor of the Palermo Polo Open, the number-one polo championship in the world, while celebrating we asked ourselves… what if there’s someone who doesn’t wait for things to happen and turns every single opportunity into a celebration? Well, besides the fun and with a business perspective, it would really help to fight product seasonality.

“That was exactly what Sparkling, the unapologetic polo horse, did for the brand. A five-minute mockumentary told the story of this bon vivant, since the day he was born until his  farewell match, that set him free to enjoy his true passion: having fun. First released as a teaser trailer and finally showcased during the opening day, it got to be a milestone in the tournament and in pop culture as well.

“In other words, it became evidence that when you seek never-ending fun, immortality is what you get.” Hernan Ponce, Ponce Buenos Aires

Institutional / Corner Magazine – #AskFor24 – MullenLowe Brasil 

“In an information-saturated world, it is rare when a campaign can do more than simply draw attention to a message. Regarding the case #AskFor24, we reached the cultural level by touching on such a deeply-seated prejudice. And more than that, the movement was able to break an old taboo and give a new meaning to the number 24 in the context of football. We are very proud of this achievement” Eduardo Salles, ECD, MullenLowe Brasil

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