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Experts from across the media and advertising sectors reveal their blueprints for a prosperous 2019

How can publishers change their fortunes?

Sabina Usher, communications strategist, MullenLowe Mediahub

For publishers to turnaround their fortunes they must more closely follow the trails behind where the advertising revenue is leaving their sector. Generally, this is in digital, though specifically media plan money is flooding into Facebook and Google (and their relevant properties), together with the long tail within programmatic.

In doing so, they would realise that on one side you have models that demonstrate performance through advertising formats such as in-read video, which perform better than MPUs and other formats often poorly placed on site, and they would also notice the ease at which agencies and brands themselves can execute large scale campaigns layered with audience insights.

Getting there requires a more collaborative and technology smart solution, to simplify and amplify the effects, not just locally, but globally.

They don’t need to innovate. Publishing has a core product that fundamentally is becoming increasingly scarce and therefore is increasingly valuable, however the challenge is the funding model has to change.

Innovation in publishing should look like great imitation of what we are already seeing from the likes of Facebook, Google and increasingly Amazon. It needs to be easy to use, easy to implement and easy to rationalise.

It needs to be easier to buy at scale, both locally and globally, and more audience insight and data targeting that is simple to execute.

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