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Blur Films produced the spot in partnership with advertising agency MullenLowe London for Wellcome Trust

#TogetherScienceCan Make Social Projects Attractive and Inspiring

Blur films, a leading Spanish production agency, has just revealed their first spot produced with advertising agency MullenLowe London, for Wellcome Trust. Wellcome Trust is a charitable foundation, both politically and financially independent, that supports scientists and researchers. The film was made by the talented director, Audikana.

The Project #TogetherScienceCan is a global campaign that aims to unite researchers and institutes around the world to protect vital international scientific collaborations. Collaboration makes science work better and faster, and thus, this project was made possible thanks to the participation, interest, and funding of many institutes. It was particularly made possible by the cooperation of the Astrobiological Centre in Spain, who allowed the use of their establishment and installations for the shoot; as well as a strong team of Spanish producers that helped to make it happen.

Audikana has experience working with partners all over the world, and his projects are (incredibly professional and) highly technical with incredible attention to detail. There is no doubt, his visual competence and unique approach to evoke emotion is effective in this spot. The director’s talent in capturing strong and blunt imagery encourages the viewer to support the cause and truly believe that ‘Together Science Can’. Their signature trademark of two fists next to each other has given the spot a recognisable call to action, that also works in social media, getting more people involved.

This project strengthens and ingrains Blur Films internationally, with lots of exciting projects coming up. You can join the cause through their website: togethersciencecan.org

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