Calor Gas, the UK’s leading supplier of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), launch their new integrated ‘Clever Choice’ campaign, championing Calor as the better alternative to oil. The campaign was created by MullenLowe London, part of the hyperbundled MullenLowe Group.

If, when you hear the words ‘Calor gas’, you think canisters and BBQs, you’re not alone – not enough people are aware of Calor Gas’s home central heating offering. Of the two million people living ‘off-grid’, oil is still the dominant way to heat their home. Calor are making people aware that they have a choice in how they heat their home, and that Calor gas is the ‘Clever Choice’. Whereas oil means large unsightly tanks in the garden and the possibility of running out of heating at inopportune moments, Calor showcase the fact that their gas tanks live underground, and come with innovative auto top-up technology.

The ‘clever choice’ campaign launches with two lead TV executions. In the films, shot by Matt Huntley from Burger, Calor playfully dramatises the quirks of rural life, and positions Calor as the best way to heat your off-grid home. Set in the English countryside and narrated by Little Britain’s Tom Baker, the films introduce Clever Dick, a know-it-all character who irritates fellow villagers with his marrow growing prowess and general smugness. That is until they discover he’s not using Calor to heat his home..