March For Moms

March for Moms

A new PSA from advocacy group March for Moms calls attention to their pandemic plight with everyday scenes of mothers trying to hold down the fort as the demands on them grow. Their faces reflect resolve, frustration, exhaustion, pain, despair, joy and despair as they go through the rituals of parenting—cooking, feeding, comforting, disciplining and even giving birth.

Superimposed on each vignette are lines of copy that “label” the moms through their worries. There’s the “I’m trying to do it all” mom, the “sorry I’m ignoring you” mom, the “please don’t hate me” mom, the “I’m afraid to get her sick” mom, the “I haven’t slept in days” mom and more.

The film by MullenLowe LA calls on viewers to join March for Moms, donate or take action to advocate for meaningful policy change supporting the well-being of mothers.